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Cosmetic Dentistry

You only get one chance at a first impression. Most people will notice your appearance, including your smile, before they notice anything else about you. Are you making the impression that you want? We know how important first impressions are to most people and we want to help!

Children’s Dentistry

Our goal is to provide your little one(s) with the best quality, affordable dental care while also helping them to establish healthy oral habits they can use throughout their lives. Please let us know about your needs and concerns so that we can accommodate you better.


A dental implant is actually a root replacement, and unlike the root of a tooth, it is actually fused to the bone of the jaw. A crown is attached to the implant and becomes a stand­alone tooth, functioning and appearing just like the natural tooth you have lost.


If you aren’t satisfied with your teeth but the thought of wearing braces has stopped you from making a change, Invisalign is perfect for you!

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downloadDo you dream of a great smile? Are you ready to unlock your true smile & look potential? At Advanced Valley Dental our team is kind and compassionate. We will always treat you like family! Dr Beenish Orr DMD will help you get a great & amazing smile. With state-of-the-art dentistry, your smile will radically change your looks. Ignored teeth? Fear of dentistry? Missing Teeth? No problem. At Advanced Valley Dental we use Art Lasers, Implants, & Bone grafts that will bring incredible, natural looking results. New & even nervous patients are always welcome. Make your dream & life changes now, it’s never too late.
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Dr Beenish. Orr, D.M.D Graduated from University of Connecticut, Continued Residency from Yale University & Saint Mary Hospital Connecticut. Dr Beenish Orr is Master of Cosmetic Dentistry from Manhattan New York Dental University. Dr Orr in specializes in full mouth Rehabs, change your smile in a day,
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Abscess, Combined Lesion
A combined lesion is where abscesses are present in both the dental pulp and the periodontal tissue. This is a Perio-Endo infection which begins in the periodontal pocket, the space between the gum and the crown of the tooth. This infection then spreads to the root tip leading to pulpal inflammation. An Endo-Perio infection occurs the other way around.

Bridge: Porcelain, Anterior
When a tooth is missing a dental bridge can be used to literally bridge the gap.

Decay Crown Margin
All decay is as a result of the build up of plaque over time perhaps due to ineffective brushing. This plaque produces acid which can remove the tooth’s enamel or cementum causing decay. Crown margin decay occurs at the point where the root of the tooth meets the crown.

Decay (Interproximal)
One of the most common sites for tooth decay is at the interproximal area or in the gap between teeth. Interproximal decay is commonly the result of not flossing between the teeth to remove plaque build-up.

Implant: In-2-step, Anterior
Two-step dental implant surgery, as the name indicates, is carried out in two stages.

Implant: In-2-step, Posterior
Two-step dental implant surgery, as the name indicates, is carried out in two stages.

Laser Assist Periodontal System
Laser assisted periodontal therapy is used to treat periodontal disease, especially where there are deep pockets of 5mm or greater.

Nightguard: Full-Arch
The habit of grinding one’s teeth is called Bruxism. Excessive nocturnal Jaw clenching and teeth grinding can potentially damage the teeth and their supporting structures. A customized, full arch night guard acts as a cushion between the dental arches, which helps protect the teeth from further damage.

Root Canal Therapy
Tooth decay, when left untreated, can progress to the innermost portion of the tooth called the pulp and may also cause an abscess to form at the root of the tooth.

Veneers: Worn, Porcelain Lab
Some wear of the teeth occurs naturally over time, however, biting and grinding of the teeth can expidate this wear.

Crown: Porcelain
In order to place a crown the remaining tooth structure needs to be shaped into an abutment onto which the crown will fit.

Scaling Root planning
When plaque is not removed by brushing, it can harden to form calcular deposits on the teeth.

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Decided to try this place right in front of my office.. No regrets. Dr. Orr and staff are great and made my dental work a breeze!

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